Religious Pluralism, Heritage and Social Development in Africa
Editors:  M. Christian Green, Rosalind L. Hackett, Len Hansen, Francois Venter
African Sun Media 2017

What is heritage in Africa? Who defines and authorises heritage? Is heritage limited to tangible forms of land, resources and monuments, or do intangible forms of heritage count equally or even more? How is heritage managed, appropriated, expropriated and commodified by the government and state, by heritage experts and professionals, and by religious and ethnic groups in service of cultural and tourism industries and in the construction of national and other group identifies? How is heritage shaped by Africa’s religious and ethic pluralsim, its colonial past and its postcolonial trajectories? Finally, how can heritage serve as a means toward social, cultural and political development? These are just some of the many issues and questions addressed in this volume by scholars in law, religion and related fields.