Law, Religion and the Environment in Africa M. Christian Green and Muhammed Haron, eds. (2020)

African Sun Media (2020)

The subject matter of this year’s volume on environmental issues in Africa could not be more important.  The volume addresses of theology, climate change, environmental degradation, and human relations to animals and to land in ways that add immeasurably to the study of African environmentalisms.

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Author: M. Christian Green


Chapter 1: Ecotheology in Africa: An overview and preliminary assessment

Author: Ezra Chitando


Chapter 2: ‘Do not pollute the land where you are”: Biblical teaching on environmental conservation

Author: Mmapula Diana Kebaneilwe 


Chapter 3: Environmental rights and human rights: Negotiating the competing grounds from a Setswana ecological perspective

Author: Kenosi Molato


Chapter 4: Laudato Si’: The Catholic Church’s position on the environment

Author: James Campbell, S.J.


Chapter 5: Promoting environmental justice through the prism of Rastafari in Zimbabwe

Author: Fortune Sibanda


Chapter 6: The issue between the exploitation of natural resources and the protection of the environment and public health in Africa

Author: Jean-Baptiste Sourou


Chapter 7: Traditional beliefs and legal frameworks on environmental protection in accessing clean water in Nigeria

Author: Maryam Bayero-Jimoh 


Chapter 8: Faith-based organisations in South Africa and global climate justice

Author: Mary-Anne Plaatjies-Van Huffel


Chapter 9: An Islamic legal framework for the protection of the environment

Author: Fatima Essop 


Chapter 10: Rethinking sustainable development in light of maqasid al‑sharia

Author:  Nabil Yasien Mohamed



Chapter 11: “We must take the blood out of the city”: Law, religion and butchers’ revolt in southwest Nigeria

Author: Habibat Oladosu-Uthman


Chapter 12: Reflections on law, religion and the environment from an international judge and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Author: Navanethem Pillay


Chapter 13: Women and the environment in Nigeria: The experience of women of the Niger Delta

Author: Patricia Imade Gbobo


Chapter 14: Wangari Maathai, an ecofeminist at the crossroad of social justice and environmental development in Kenya

Author: Maryann Mwangi


Chapter 15: Appraisal of ecofeminism perspectives in enhancing environmental sustainability in Kenya

Author: Hildah Mutwiri


Chapter 16: Religion, spirituality and environmental protection amongst the Wê people of Côte d’Ivoire: The example of the Glaè mask, holder of religious power

Author: Célestin Gnonzion


Chapter 17: Environmental sustenance and indigenous hunting practices amongst the Wimbum people, North West Region, Cameroon

Author: Elias Kifon Bongmba & Tanto Richard Talla


Chapter 18: The Ogiek indigenous people, land rights and the environment

Author: Loreen Maseno


Chapter 19: On the margin of religious freedom: Indigenous people, sacred sites and environmental conservation in Kenya’s Endorois and Ogiek peoples

Author: Faith Kabata


Chapter 20: The Sengwer traditional religion and environment sustainability in Embobut Forest, Kenya

Author: King’asia I. Mamati


Chapter 21: African Indigenous Knowledge systems and the conservation of the environment and cultural heritage in Botswana

Author: Senzokuhle Doreen Setume & Phili Abednico


Chapter 22: African traditional religion and indigenous perspectives on the environment

Author: Johan D. van der Vyver


Chapter 23: The religious significance of the environment: A case of sacred sites in the Bobirwa regions in Botswana

Author: Fidelis Nkomazana


Chapter 24: Mitigating Ghana’s insanitary environment: Christian pilgrims’ belief in the sacredness of Prayer Mountains

Author: Philip Kwadwo Okyere


Chapter 25: The socio-legal protection of sacred groves and forest reserves in southwestern Nigeria

Author: Hannah Idowu Olusoga-Tinubi


Chapter 26: Religion and the environment in southern African art and architecture: Western attempts at squaring the circle

Author: Yolanda van der Vyver


Afterword: Africa’s environment: Legally protected, religiously preserved

Author: Muhammed Haron


Appendix: Statement of the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies: African Perspectives on Human Dignity for Everyone Everywhere

Author: African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies