How to Access or Acquire ACLARS Publications

Hard Copies.  The first set of papers from the conference in Ghana that led to the formation of ACLARS were published in the 2014 African Human Rights Law Journal and may be accessed from this website.  Other volumes in the series can be ordered in hard copy from Ingram Lightning Source.  Additional information about obtaining hardcopies is available from the publisher, African Sun Media, Office 5, The Woodmill, Vredenburg Road, Devonvallei, Stellenbosch 7600, South Africa.

Digital/Electronic Copies.  Substantial access to ACLARS publications is available from this website.  Access to particular articles in the volumes on Religion, Law, and Security in Africa (2018) and on Law, Religion and the Environment in Africa (2020), is available by clicking on the “doi” (digital object identifier) included below the pictures of these books on the relevant web pages. Clicking on the doi number for each article will access the article thus selected.  Full text of the 2020 volume is available free from Amazon here, from Google here, from ITSI here, and at the ASM store at ITSI here.  We understand that the book may also be available through the UK books seller Gardners, but we don’t have the direct contact links.  Given the complexities of shipping hard copy books in Africa (too often without success), electronic access is helpful, and often to be preferred.  Our understanding is that at least the latest book or books should be downloadable, though perhaps not in all countries (or perhaps only through different forms of electronic access.  It should be possible to download at least the latest book to a wide range of desktop computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers, and perhaps even mobile phones. Please advise the Publications Committee if problems are encountered in downloading, and we can relay this information to the publisher and hopefully find a solution.