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Religion, Law and Security in Africa 
M. Christian Green, T. Jeremy Gunn, & Mark Hill, eds.
African Sun Media, May 2018

Security is a key topic of our time. But how do we understand it? Do law and religion take different views of it? In this fifth volume in the Law and Religion in Africa series, radicalisation, terrorism, blasphemy, hate speech, religious freedom and just war theories rub shoulders with issues of witchcraft, female genital mutilation circumcision, child marriage, displaced communities and additional issues besides. This unique collection of topics is both challenging and inspiring, providing illumination in troubled times, and forming a sound foundation for future scholarship.

Author: M. Christian Green... more

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Religious Pluralism, Heritage and Social Development in Africa
Editors:  M. Christian Green, Rosalind L. Hackett, Len Hansen, Francois Venter
African Sun Media 2017

What is heritage in Africa? Who defines and authorises heritage? Is heritage limited to tangible forms of land, resources and monuments, or do intangible forms of heritage count equally or even more? How is heritage managed, appropriated, expropriated and commodified by the government and state, by heritage experts and professionals, and by religious and ethnic groups in service of cultural and tourism industries and in the construction of national and other group identifies? How is heritage shaped by Africa's religious and ethic pluralsim, its colonial past and its postcolonial trajectories? Finally, how can heritage serve as a means toward social, cultural and political development? These are just some of the many issues and questions addressed in this volume by scholars in law, religion and related fields. 

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Religious Freedom and Religious Pluralism in Africa
Editors:  Pieter Coertzen, Len Hansen, and Christian Green
African Sun Media 2016

Africa continues to be a region with strong commitments to religious freedom and religious pluralism. These, however, are rarely mere facts on the ground – they are legal, political, social, and theological projects that require considerable effort to realise. 

This volume – compiling the proceedings of the third annual conference of the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies – focuses on various issues which vastly effect the understanding of religious pluralism in Africa. These include, amongst others, religious freedom as a human right, the importance of managing religious pluralism, and the permissibility of religious practice and observance in South African public schools.

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Law and Religion in Africa: The Quest for the Common Good in Pluralistic Societies
Pieter Coertzen, M. Christian Green, Len Hansen, eds.
African Sun Media 2015

In our time the study of law and religion is emerging as a wide-ranging and vital academic discipline, with increasingly urgent implications for society at large. Lying at the intersection of a variety of other disciplines – law, theology, religious studies, political science, sociology and anthropology, to name only the most obvious – the field of law and religion is generating a burgeoning volume of interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research and study. The current volume is proof of this. The discussion of the relationship between law and religion, as seen from a variety of perspectives in Africa, underscores the critical importance of the issues involved in the... more

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Vol. 14 No. 1 2014

Published by Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) 

Foreword: Law and religion in Africa: Comparative practices, experiences and prospects
by David M Kirkham and Cole Durham
Law and religion: Living expressions and channels of co-operation
by Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba
Religion and the republican state in Africa: The need for a distanced relationship
by Kofi Quashigah
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