Image for The Seventh Annual Law and Religion in Africa Conference: <em>Law, Religion, and Environment in Africa </em>, Gaborone, Botswana 19-21 May 2019

Following the success of conferences in Ghana (2013), South Africa (2014), Namibia (2015), Ethiopia (2016), Morocco (2017) and Nigeria (2018), the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies convened its Seventh Annual Law and Religion Conference in Gaborone, Botswana from 19 to 21 May 2019 in collaboration with the Department of Theology & Religious Studies, the Department of Law at the University of Botswana, and the International Center for Law and Religion Studies of the Brigham Young University Law School, USA.

The subject of the conference was  Law, Religion, and Environment in Africa. Themes included:

  • Freedom of Religion or Belief, Human Rights, and the Environment
  • Religion and International Law on the Environment in Africa since the 1992 Kyoto Protocol, the 2015 Paris Climate Accord and in relation to the 2030 UN Agenda
  • Religion and the Governance of Sacred Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Heritage Sites
  • Environmental Policies on Land, Water, Pollution, Waste, and Food and Religious Human Rights Movements/Responses
  • Faith-Based Organisations and Interreligious Initiatives on Environment in Africa
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