Jean-Baptiste Sourou
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Jean-Baptiste Sourou, citizen of Benin Republic, is Professor of Communications at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza, and teaches Rituals and Communications at the Gregorian University in Rome, Italy.  He is the founder and the president of the Center for Documentation and Research on Art and Social Sciences (CeDReS Project) in Benin Republic. 

He holds a BA, MA and PhD in Social Communications and Social Sciences from the Gregorian University. He has as well a BA and MA in Theology from Universities in Padua and Rome. He is an international media practitioner, and won prestigious awards in the field: The International Award of Solidarity with Refugees at the 2013 International Journalism and Media Awards, and the Award of the Best Writer/Author at the 2013 Africa-Italy Excellence Awards.

Prof. Sourou research interests center on rites, dance and music, and the relationship between media, culture and religion, especially in Africa. These researches earned him international honours.

He works also on the African immigration through the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

He is publishing on African cultural, social and religious life. He is member of the International Society in Media, Religion and Culture, and Consultant for the Observatory of Media and Religion in Canada.

He speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish, Fon and Mina, and knows Latin.