Official Call for Election of the President of ACLARS

Official Call for Election
of the

of the

African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies


      Pursuant to Article 6 of the Constitution of the African Consortium for Law and Religion Studies (“ACLARS”), and acting as President of the Board of Directors of ACLARS, I hereby issue a call for elections to elect a new president of the Consortium. I was originally elected with the understanding that I would not serve a full term, and the time has come to call for election of my successor. The election will be held during the annual General Assembly meeting of ACLARS, which will occur on May 21, 2019 during the annual conference of the organization to be held at the Grand Palace Hotel in Gaborone, Botswana. 

        According to the ACLARS Constitution, this notice is to be given three months before the date of the election.  Those interested in being considered as candidates or the office of President of ACLARS shall submit applications within 21 days from the date of the official call indicating their wish to be considered.  This application should be sent to the President of ACLARS at the following email address: with a copy to

        To be eligible for election under Article 6.1.3 of the ACLARS Constitution, applicants must be current with the payment of ACLARS membership fees, or become current prior to the date for which elections are officially called.  

        Section 6.10 of the ACLARS Constitution provides that “[i]f there is only one candidate for President . . . the unopposed candidate is deemed to have been elected to his or her office without a vote.”  If more than one candidate applies, Section 6.2 provides that “[a] list of the candidates for the Presidency will be published on the Organisation’s website [] and emailed to members of the Organisation at least thirty days prior to the General Assembly meeting at which an election is scheduled.”


 February 19, 2019                               Pieter Coertzen, President